Monday, February 1, 2016

Interview Questions and Answers on Shapes and Lines in Designing

Question-1: What are the Shapes?
Answer: Shape is an external form, contours, or outline of someone or something. Like Circle, triangle, square, rectangle etc...

Question-2: Why shapes are so important for good design?
Answer: Shapes are so important for good design as the shape helps the
designers/graphic artist to create creative layouts/images.. We can create ans
show the special effects using the shapes.. Separate and connect information
shapes help the graphic designers in representing different ideas and different elements of designs...

Question-3: How many types of shapes are there? Please explain with examples.
Answer: There is 3 types of Shapes are there:
1. Geometric Shapes.
2. Natural Shapes.
3. Abstract Shapes.

1. Geometric Shapes- These shapes are like circles, squares, and triangles have notable meanings that characterize the graphic design. Circles represent infiniteness as they have no starting or end. Rectangles and Squares represent honesty, stability, equity & security..
2. Natural Shapes-There are two types of Natural shapes. Regular &
Irregular..Regular- Regular shapes are like nature as tree, flowers n leaves etc that when applied in graphic design, natural shapes are interesting and topical ... Irregular- Irregular shapes are not fixed in terms of any angle, side, and size.

3. Abstract Shapes- Abstract Shapes are like we can say it's like silhouette
layout which is used as shadow and mostly it uses as traffic signal etc.. Examples of abstract shape are those icons that show people with disability, male & female...

Question-4: What is a circle expresses and how it is useful for designers?
Answer: Circles represent infiniteness as they have no starting or end. They
similarly represent free movement, but at the same time are broadly used to secure and restrict..

Question-5: Can you name out 10 brands' name using triangles?
Answer: 1-Mercedes. 2-BMW. 3-Mitsubisti. 4-Infinite. 5-Acura. 6-Bass. 7-Korea Telecom.

Question-6: What are the differences between circle and triangle in designing?
Answer: The first difference is they both shapes are different as triangle is
sharp with 3 corner points and circle isn't sharp and they both represents
different use in designing. They show different moods and different meanings.
Changing the characteristics of a shape alter how we perceive that shape and make us feel differently about a design. Shapes are a powerful way to communicate..

Circles have free movement, they can roll.

But triangles can be stable when sitting on their base or unstable when not..

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