Friday, August 4, 2017

Use of Line Tools in Autocad and It's Type's

Line is a tool in an AutoCAD which is found in the ribbon panel. Line is a most easy and frequently use software in the AutCAD. It is base of every design which is create in auto cad. You can also change the length and width in the software.

It helps to create a continues line segment. When you click line command it ask you the first point to start after that you have to select the second point to create a line. This line is called continues because of the you don’t have to select the tool in AutoCAD to move from 2nd to 3rd point.

Short Command: L Enter

There are many types of line in AutoCAD
  • Construction line
  • Ray
  • Poly-line
  • Spline
  • Multi-line
  • 3-point line
You can also change the line type in the option-

You can get dotted line and tangent line and the center line in the option
  1. Construction line: Construction line is a type of line which is used get the reference for producing design or drowning. After getting the reference this infinite line is removed from the drawing surface.
Construction line is used for main reason for getting points and get removed by the trim tool (TR enter enter).
Select the specific point and direction an in finite line is been drawn.
Short Command: XL Enter
  1. Ray: Ray is type of extended display of the line from one point to the different point. This will give the direction of the point to the another with the angle.

For making the construction line first we have to select the specific point. And the angle the different point to get the reference.
Ray line can be extended to the infinite plane.
  1. Poly-line: Poly-line basically the connected points of line segments created as a single object. There are different points in the same line you can make the arc angle and gave the direction too.
after you move, stretch, bend or even the create the rectangle. line is remain join to each other.
  1. Spline: line is used to create the smooth curve. From one point to another because of that we can make the instructing designs.
Splines are defined either with fit points, or with control vertices. It continent method to make the design.
It can be simply make the smooth line be by joining the differ points.
Short Command: SPL Enter
  1. Multi-line: Multi-line is the combination of the lines are parallel to each other. Like poly line several points were connected to each other this line is connected to each other. There line is in same source to each other but you change the distance between them.
Short Command: ML Enter
  1. 3-point line: This is the line contains of 3 points which can used make 1 or 2 line but these line are connected to each other.

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