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Learn 10 Never Avoid Features of C++ for Learners

Are you learning C++ or want to learn it? If yes then you have landed at right page. Before moving to any advanced C++ course in Delhi you should have some knowledge about the essential features of C++ which your are going to comprehend in this blog.

C++ is an object-oriented language. It is an extension of C language. C++ is a language which supports all the features of an object-oriented language. This language is also known as C with classes. It is a middle-level language which is used in the creation of operating systems like Windows, Apple Mac OS etc. C++ is also used to develop the different games, database software, GUI based applications like Adobe Photoshop etc. Now directly coming to the point to discuss all those points which should be never avoided by C++ learners.

10 Never Avoid Features of C++ for Learners

1. Data Types

Data Types are the types which tell us that which type of data it is. Different data types are available in C++. We can use data types efficiently if we have the prior knowledge of it. A learner will be a good programmer if he/she understands the data types. In programming everywhere, we use the data type either it is used to declare the variable or specify the return type of the function. Data types are the most important topic in all of the programming languages.

2. Loops

Loop is a process where execution only depends on the condition. Loops follow the process of repetition until the existing condition becomes false. Loop is considered as a significant fragment of C++. By using loops you can create a complex program easily. You can avoid the lengthy code and can get the same output with less number of lines. C++ consists of three kinds of loops which are known as while, for, and dowhile.

3. Object-Oriented Features

It is a feature which is introduced in C++ but it is not present in C. It allows us to use a class and objects in our programs. Classes and objects, help us to write a reusable and effective code with less complexity. There are more features of object-oriented like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction etc.

4. Inheritance

This feature is a key concept of object-oriented and used to reuse the existing code. To inherit any class, an operator is used named scope resolution. Inheritance is possible when we use classes. A parent-child relationship is followed by inheriting any class. In C++, different types of Inheritance are available named as Single-level, Multiple, Multi-level, Hierarchical inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance. Inheritance is a mechanism which makes our code simple by reusing the existing code.

5. Pointers

A pointer is similar to variable in C++. Pointer store an address of another variable in it. A pointer is used to give references. It is also used to allocate the memory dynamically and also used to create complex data structures like Link List, stack etc.

6. Access Modifiers

Access modifier is a term which is not present in C language. It is used to modify the access control of classes or variables or functions. We can hide the data using access modifiers. By using Access Modifiers we can prevent the data from direct access by other function or class. By using it, data will be secure. Public, private and protected are the three modifiers in C++ which is used.

7. Polymorphism

Polymorphism means many forms. It can be used when classes use a hierarchy by using inheritance. It is achieved by using the function overriding and virtual functions. Polymorphism can occur at different times like at run-time and at compile time or can say late binding or early binding.

8. Constructors

Constructors are special functions in class because it has the same name as the name of a class. It is called when an object is created of the class. It initializes the values of objects after the storage of objects in the memory. There are three types of constructors in C++ language and that are Default Constructor,  Parameterized Constructor, Copy Constructor. Destructors are also present in  C++ which is just opposite to the constructor.

9. Multithreading

Multithreading is the concept which is very useful when you are required to do a task at back-end or creating a project which have many tasks to be done. When the load on main thread increases then we need Multithreading by which load of the main thread will reduce and your application also reduces the chances of the crash by using it.

10. Exception Handling

There is also an additional feature which we can use to handle the exceptions. It is useful because it does not terminate our program unexpectedly it handles the runtime error and normally executes the rest of the code of the program. Three keywords are used to handle the exceptions and that is Try, catch and throw.

There are many more features which should not be avoided but these are some most important one of C++. When you want to learn any new programming language, you should join the best C++ training institute in Delhi for acquiring thoroughly training so that you can enhance your understanding on C++. Along with training being a student you will take possession of live project instruction that will help you earn more mastery on this programming language. So, choosing an institute is also an important task as it will proclaim your career path. So, choose it wisely.

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