Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Save Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

Hi today I am talking about how to make a new pattern in Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC. This is so easy and can be done in just few steps.

Step 1.  

Go to file menu and select new file (Ctrl+N) or for Mac (Command+N) and enter the given value it this pallet and click on OK. You can give your own values too.

Step 2.

After this you will select custom shape (see the below given image) or press U.

Step 3. 

Now select any shape form custom shape picker and draw on the canvas. Don’t forget to fill the colour in it.

  Step 4.  

After the previous step you will get shape in your canvas like the below one. This shape can be a path, so use (Ctrl+Enter) to convert this path to a selection then create a new layer (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N) and fill black color in it by using Ctrl+Del or Alt+Del

Step 5.

Ok now after the 4th step, create a selection of this shape. So, select the layer and click on layer thumbnail with control key.

Step 6.  

Go to Image menu and select crop.

Step 7.

After this off layer eye of background. 

Step 8.

Now go to the Edit Menu and select define pattern.

Step 9.

Define your pattern name and click on OK to save this pattern.

Step 10.

Finally you saved a new pattern, and you can use in your any of the designs

Step 11.

Select pattern stamp tool form the tools panel to use it.   


Step 12.

Select the appropriate pattern and color and use it on a layer.

Enjoy the pattering in Adobe Photoshop.

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