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Is it good to have Graphic Designing knowledge before going for Animation & Multimedia???

Is it good to have Graphic Designing knowledge before going for Animation & Multimedia???
Is it good to have Graphic Designing knowledge before going for Animation & Multimedia???

Hi, before writing this article I have sought opinion of well-known industry specialists who are serving the digital media industry from past eight to ten years. While interviewing them I came across a question that majority of aspirant & professional designers are concerned with i.e. Can they succeed in the desired field of animation and multimedia without having obtained formal qualification in graphics (print designing)?? Or what about their prior experience in graphics if they increase their area of proficiency??
So through this write-up I would like to clear this doubt that vacillates within the minds of designers before going for Animation and Multimedia programs. In essence graphic designing is a form of visual communication or communication design that is uniquely created to give information to the target audience. First of all I would like to clear that graphic design doesn’t form core eligibility for pursuing animation or multimedia programs. However if an individual has sound knowledge of graphic designing skills, it will positively help him or her to become a successful animator or multimedia designer. Now let us discuss how a background in Graphics helps animators or multimedia designer in heading towards a successful career path.
  • Animation, multimedia and graphics are nothing but a form of communication design. As far as graphic designers are concerned their perspective to analyze things and rendering solutions visually is much higher within the three suites. Graphic designer utilize the most effective ways to spread message.
  • Interface of designing software like Photoshop and Illustrator are common in animation and multimedia programs. Since these programs calls for high imagination and creativity, prior knowledge of these software package will an added advantage.
  • Designing principles and elements, color theory, typography, command over art & sketching and computer applications remain same in three entire suite i.e. graphics, animation and multimedia and helps in all the levels of designing process.
  • Prior experience in graphics allows a person to sit for long working hours and built rhythm and space in their work. Career in Animation and multimedia calls for such attribute.
  • In professional front too, companies are know recruiting people who are multitasking and can handle work independently. If an individual posses knowledge of entire creative suite (graphic, animation and web) then he not only able to get good job but can even fetch high remuneration package.
Therefore we can say that a person possessing knowledge and dexterity of graphics before entering the field of animation or multimedia then it’ll be an up-gradation of his skills within the digital media industry. Individual’s investment in print design doesn’t get waste; enhance the scope of placement opportunities and guarantees for success.
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