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Uses of HTML and CSS in Web Design

If you want to make your career in web designing then you must have to apply some extra efforts to learn to create rich featured and highly interactive websites rather than learning the basics of website designing because that can only enable to create a first stage simple website.
The quality of professional web designers is that they are expert in programming and designing both. We can also say that professional web designers are those that can balance both creative and artistic sides by using their creative skills and coding knowledge.

The two most important web design elements are HTML and CSS and these are widely used in web designing industry today. Generally all the websites on the internet use HTML and CSS, So in-depth knowledge of technology basics is very important for any web designer. Since early days of web design, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a widely used language for the professional websites. HTML is quite confusing for someone who has no experience using it. Basically HTML is a language or code that used to edit and position the text, image, videos, frames, color, background and other web page elements with the help of a style sheet i.e. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is an important element to manage the presentation of web pages created using HTML. CSS controls the position of the text, images, background, color, margin, padding, z-index, scrolling, animation, layout etc. of web pages. CSS3 has come up with the few most advanced and useful features recently such as transitions, animations, font embedding, and pseudo selectors.

  • HTML is still perfect type of coding for the main pages of website whereas CSS is not really take the place of HTML. It is just used for the enhancement.
  • HTML is useful as a data structure for the web pages whereas CSS is helpful in managing website’s look and feel.
  • HTML allows you to put text, image, audios, videos, frames, color, background etc whereas font size, font color, font type, styling around images, page layout, mouse-over and many more effects are determined by the CSS.
Your first code HTML and CSS Code

HTML is a predefined tag based programming meaning you have to use all the already defined tags to put your data in a web page.

Following is the HTML code and hope it will give you enough idea. Copy this code and paste in a file and save that file as doc.html.

          <title> Title of the page goes here! </title>
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style.css” />
          Your HTML code goes here.
          <p class=”paraClass”>Para element</p>
          <p id=”paraId”>Para element</p>

As we discussed CSS is used to handle presentation of the web page meaning CSS styles and manages HTML elements that you use to create a web page.

Following is a sample code of CSS:

Copy the following code and paste in a file and save that file as style.css. Don’t forget to keep this file in the same folder where your doc.html file is.

In CSS file you can write class and id both rules and later you can use them in your HTML document.

.paraClass{ color: ‘#ff0000’;} //wherever you will apply this class the text color inside that element will be changed to red in HTML document.
#paraId{ background-color:’#00ff00’;} // add this id selector to an html element and you can change the background color of that to green.

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