Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ten Most Creative Tools in CorelDraw

CorelDraw is a graphic application software developed by Corel Corporation. It is a comprehensive graphic editor that can be used for creating tremendous designs such as advertisements, banners, stationery, calendars, covers, books, magazines, danglers, hoardings, logos, and various user interfaces such as web templates.

The sky's the limit to what you can create with the help of CorelDraw graphic suit. There are so many tools available in Toolbox to draw and design. All the tools are very helpful for us. Let’s read for the curious explanation of the tools available in CorelDraw.

From the entire toolbox, I have mostly used: Rectangle tool, Bezier tool, Ellipse tool, Shape tool, Pen tool, Text tool, Artistic Media Tool, Pattern Tool, Texture Tool, Banner Shape Tool etc.

In our exploration of the shape tools, we started with the Rectangle tool. 
1. Rectangle Tool: 
We can not only create rectangle using Rectangle tool but we can also create a perfect square or any desired shape using the rectangle tool. 

Choose Rectangle Tool. Click and drag with the CTRL key pressed down to constrain the rectangle to a square. You can also hold down the SHIFT key to have the rectangle drawn from the center out, rather than the top left corner, or use both the CTRL key and the SHIFT key together to create a square drawn from the center.

To Create Rounded Corners
Draw a rectangle. Choose the Shape Tool. Click and drag on any corner handle to shape the corners. Release mouse when you achieve the desired corner roundness.

Now, its time to move on to Bezier Tool.

2. Bezier Tool: 
 Bezier tool lets you draw the lines one segment at a time by placing each node with precision and controlling the shape of each curved segment If your drawing is well then this tool gives you perfect image. You can change the nodes on a curve object to one of four types: cusp, smooth, symmetrical, or line.

I like Bezier tool because through the Bezier tool I can create anything.

3. Ellipse Tool:
Using Ellipse tool you can draw an "ellipse" as a regular oval shape. The ellipse tool also has modes for arc and pie shapes. These buttons are available on the property bar with the ellipse tool selected.

4. Shape Tool:
Shape tool is a very important tool. The shape tool is used for detailed changing of the shape of objects. With the shape tool, you can move nodes and the node's arms, to change the shape of selected objects. Working with the Shape tool can seem complicated at first, but with a bit of practice, it becomes an indispensable tool.

5. Pen Tool:
Pen tool is used for draw a curve segment. This tool is helping for create shape, design abstracts logos, patterns, etc. The Pen tool gives you the added ability to preview the line segments as you are drawing.

6. Text Tool:
Text tool is used for writing text. We can write a text Paragraph, or more. There are two mode of writing text using this tool first one is Artistic mode and second one is Paragraph mode. When we have to type more text in paragraphs then create the rectangle by dragging Text tool and start typing it in contrast when you have to type few words then just click and start typing your text so this is Artistic text.

7. Artistic Media Tool:
Artistic Media Tool is used for more creativity like designing of border of pages, making cartoons, artistic pieces etc.

8. Pattern Fill:
Pattern Fill tool is useful to create patterns using images and textures. Many types of patterns are available in the Pattern Fill tool. You can use this tool when you want to make a patterned design.

9. Texture Fill:
Texture Fill is very amazing tool. It is used in objects to create the illusion of a variety of textures, such as water, clouds and stone.

10. Banner Shape Tool:
It is used to draw ribbon objects and explosion shapes.

Thus the explanation of the usefulness and functionality of the tools available in CorelDraw is hidden in the tools discussed above, for speed up your work try it yourself by practicing them. This is just the tip of the iceberg that I have touched here so we'll have more CorelDRAW advancements for you in the coming weeks.

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