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Video Editing Courses at Video Editing Institute

A career in video editing is a fascinating option for artistic people who like to work in entertainment and media industry. It is a method of modifying different sections of a video or videos to create a final video. The art is to edit a video in such a way that nobody can able to find out the difference. Video editing plays a vital role in post-production process.


The major responsibilities of a video editor includes:
  • Editing of audio, video and film for the motion picture and broadcast media industries.
  • Reorganization the data to make sure the sequence is right and film/video can run flawlessly.
It has become a beneficial career in video editing since the usage of movie clips and streaming videos in websites. Increase in popularity of online video clips has caused in increased video editing activities. There are plentiful job opportunities in video editing in the country. The video editors can work in TV and film production studios, advertising agencies, multimedia companies and web design companies. They can also work for motion picture studios and as a freelancer.

Qualifications Required:

There are no per-requisites or formal education required to enter in this field. Candidate should be minimum high school pass outs and zeal to excel in the field of video editing. Knowledge of any designing application specially Adobe Photoshop would be an advantage always. If you don't know Photoshop and want to learn then you can ask our counselor.

Where they can work:
  • animation industry
  • broadcast companies
  • film and production companies
  • post-production companies
  • gaming industry
About Courses

It is always advisable to go through with some certificate programs before entering the professional world. Video Editing Institute has especially designed two certificate programs in which students will be learning Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. These courses will help the students to understand the entire concept of video editing. One can do this course from anywhere but our course focuses on the latest trends in the market, practical training and helping students in developing their portfolios.

If you think, you have the abilities like self-motivation, an eye for creativity, tech-savvy and dedication towards work, then don’t wait and join Video Editing Courses at Video Editing Institute. We are there to guide you. In case of any queries, contact our counsellor at +91 (0)981 181 8122. or email at

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