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Job Interview Tips for Graphic and Web Designers.

Presently web and graphics are the two most challenging professions in the entire digital media industry. Advancement of web technologies, improved means of communication coupled with the growing users of internet -has made the web and graphics profession extremely demanded across the globe. Thousands of job opportunities are witnessed within past five years. This is generally because one can work as a freelancer web or graphic designer while working in other areas, sectors or fields. So if you wish to become a web or graphic designer or hunting for a job in the market here are some quick interview tips for you guys.  
I know you must have come across various article on the similar topic detailing you on how to prepare best for the graphics interviews, tips and tricks to crack the web design interview.  However through this blog, I’d like to brief you regarding some of the universal questions which will serve as road map of what you will be asked during an interview and the way to construct spectacular answers.
Here are some questions that one must prepare before going for an interview for the post of graphic or web designer:

Tell Me Something About Yourself (T.M.A.Y) 
I have found over my career that T.M.A.Y is typically the very first question which will place up by majority of interviewer in one or other way. The purpose of this question is to judge the analysis level of the candidate towards himself. One will tell his/her basic and professional qualification while answering this question. Additionally one will tell his/her area of interest towards this question.  

 Why do you want to work in the field of graphic /web designing or for the desired post?  
The question is simple, but one should give an appropriate answer so as to grab the eye of the recruiter. On will suitably answer that working for the desired post/field will be a challenging and beneficial experience form him and his career.

What do you know about the topic/post? 
While answering such type of question, one will brief the recruiter about the software proficiency and Adobe credentials.

What is your biggest strength or why should we hire you or what you can bring to our company if we appoint you?
 Such question will enable the candidates to polish their qualification to the requirement of their employer. Also where the candidate wants to see himself/herself.  In order to construct an impressive answer one should identify what you are good at in terms of knowledge, experience, skills or abilities. One will diligently say that “I have those attributes which are necessary to fill the requirement of this job”.
How long would you expect to work for the company, if hired? 
Never be specific while answering such questions. Instead answer in impressive approach, for example: I’d prefer to go with you guys until the time we both feel that I’m doing a good job or until the time you allow me & believe that I’m doing a good job for the company.      

No two situations are exactly same; however the above mentioned question questions will serve as a general guide to all the web or graphic aspirants whether they are applying as a fresher, intern or as an experienced professional.

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