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Resume Writing Tips for Web Designers

A resume is more that just a sheet of paper. A resume not only represents an individual but also reflects his or her personality and statement of their ambitious to the outside world. Generally there is no standardize set of rules for writing a resume, but it should be given in a perfect standard format so as to make good impression and  seek the attention of the recruiters. As far as the resume of a web designer is concerned it should invoke the designing skills, creativity, visualization & representation skills, knowledge of designing software and tools etc. 

Over my two years experience I found that majority of the people knows what to define but the way to define or outline it in an effective manner isn’t clear to them. Thus here are some resume writing tips for the aspirants who wish to become a web or graphic designer. 
  • Creative Resumes: Designers should prepare their resume in a manner as it seems like a portfolio. For this they can make use of assorted template designs available on the internet and edit them using CorelDraw. One can prepare their resume on the plane sheet of paper as well but being a designer creative resume helps illustrates the visualization skills and designing abilities of the candidate.
  • Information in the resume should be presented using the latest style and pattern. For example: on the very beginning of the resume one can provide their passport size photograph, name, e-mail id and post (Web/Graphic or any other).
  •  On the top right corner designers should provide the logos of all the adobe credentials they possess or any other area of proficiency bearing logo.
  • Qualification of a candidate should be given in the reverse chronological order i.e., Professional qualification and Educational qualification. Professional qualification may be further bifurcated into Technical skills and Designing skills.
  • Experience: Web or Graphic designers can fill this particular even if they haven’t obtained any formal experience in their field or are fresher. Candidates can mention the names of the projects undertaken by them under the heading “Key Projects Handled” while pursuing the web or graphic designing course.
  •  Don’t forget to provide the links of all the projects prepared by you in your resume. Providing such links will manifest your work.
A good resume is an advertisement of oneself. Also preparation of resumes varies according to one’s need and qualification. However, I hope you’ll find the above mentioned tips helpful and would really like to employee while preparing your resume for the post of web or graphic designer. 

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