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Tips to become a good Photographer

Tips to become a good Photographer.
With the speedy advancement in digital technology the field of Photography is consistently evolving. One cannot polish his or her skills in photography simply by getting a classy camera or possessing the most recent tools and equipments. To be a good photographer, one ought to keep himself upgraded with all recent technological changes occurring within the field of photography.
In essence, photography is a form of art and can be learn only through rigorous practice. In applied professions like photography, technique is much more important than equipment used. Therefore to be a successful photographer, one should associate his or her imagination with proficiency required to master the continues technological changes taking place within the industry.
Here are ten universal tips for the photography enthusiast which can assist them in capturing good photographs or which one should bear in mind before clicking the photographs.

  • Knowing your gear: It’s imperative for photographers specially beginners to have hands full information of ins and outs of camera basics and gear to be used. One will go through various books, magazines, and online tutorials for new updates on camera settings n tricks. Books on photography by Scott Kelby are quite popular amongst the beginners. 
  • Consciously compose your shots: Always frame the image in your mind before framing it on the camera. Try to keep the unnecessary mess (material) out of the frame of the image so as to bring good and less cluttered photos.
  • Always set your camera at the highest resolution possible. High resolution allows you to take high quality pictures as against the low-resolution images which are harder to modify later-on.  Also cropping of high resolution pictures can be done with much more ease and convenience. 
  • To take good photographs, one should stand close to the subject matter of the image. Standing near to the subject will allow you to frame it more effectively without any distractions.
  • Getting closer while taking a portrait allows you to notice facial expressions and alternative fine details One should capture a specific subject from different-different angles. Photographing subject from distinctive angles will add aesthetic elements in your pictures. 
  • Shutter speeds: Shutter speed refers to the minimum time that a shutter can stay open at a given setting. Lighting quick shutter speeds are good for capturing fast paced object or shots having lots of action, whereas slow shutter speed are appropriate for landscapes without lots of movement.
  • In order to attain dramatic effect or creative feeling (black n white mode) of old camera, you can consider buying a vintage gear from the concerned shop.
  • One should avoid capturing blurred images or photos while taking a close-up or shooting from distance. Camera shake can be reduced by keeping still or using a tripod.
  • Judicious use of flash: Using flash in poor light can cause foul-looking reflections or can even make your subject washed-out. Thus one should judiciously use flash and avoid using it when you don’t have to. Flash is best used for eliminating the raccoon eye effects, filling in shadows, etc…  
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