Thursday, January 7, 2016

Make a Career as a Back-end Developer or Front-end Developer at ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Communication is known as source of medium to share our products, services, business, and information. Modern time website is one of the best platforms to communicate within the audience in a particular area related to geography, interest, time, age etc. Due to the availability of the internet among people more and more people go online each day and it is increasing rapidly too.

According to a research only 10-12% of the total population of India uses online shopping on regular or occasional basis while in contrast china 35%-45% and USA 75%-85%. So, this is the reason why India is a booming industry for web designers and developers.

There are millions of websites that offer online shopping, services, education, free of cost information, and entertainment. So choosing a career in web design and web development can be a right decision for you. It is important to know the aspects of website before selecting website development as a career. There are two aspects of any websites called front end and back end.

You can choose your career either in front end development or back end development. Front end developers, develop interface through which customer interact and back end developers, represents websites in the coded form through which its internal features works. The front end through which customer or visitor interacts with a website is called web page and creation of it called web designing or UI development.

These web pages are designed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, BootStrap, AngularJS, Photoshop etc. These pages involve all the things that users see including text, images, header, footer, sidebar, menus, newsletter, audio, video etc.

Who can make career in Web Designing or UI Development?
If some one has great deal of creative energy within with logical thinking then it is a right option to make a career.

For the database connectivity back-end developers use PHP, Python, Java, ASP .Net and Ruby mostly although there are so many other also available. These languages also called server side languages. We can also say that all the activity done on the server-side no users can analyze in the browser as it is compiled on servers and preferred to the browser in HTML format. These developers are called programmers. They generally focus on features of websites like: security, structure, database management, user management, comments management, content management etc.

A professional developers or programmers usually know HTML and CSS, but definitely they do not focus on it. They always try to focus more and more on advanced programming languages through which they handle payment gateway integration, search feature, and many similar features. Because in comparison to static websites, management of database of dynamic websites is very tough. A dynamic site requires a database to work properly.

Who can make career in Web Development?

If some one has average level of interest in creative things but higher logical thinking and strategy making skills then it is a right option to make a career.

Hopefully, my explanation on front end development and back end development will help you in understanding the difference between both and you will be able to take decision for your career.

We offer web master course, which help us to become a complete front end and back end developer along with web promotion and web maintenance. We teach us to design and develop e-commerce websites, responsive websites, static and all types of dynamic websites, web applications, content management, database connectivity and digital marketing etc. After completion of web master courses, we can get highly paid jobs in GUI Designing, UI Development, Web Designing, Web Development, WordPress Development, Drupal Development, E-commerce Website Development, and Web Promotion.

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