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Post Production Institute: Everything you need to know

Post Production Institute(PPI) is one of the group companies of ADMEC Multimedia Institute located in North Delhi, offering various diploma and certificate programs in Post Production
These courses are ideal for those who wants a solid grounding in the latest software and techniques as well as a rich understanding of digital visual effects creation for movies and television. Through these courses, any individual will build up a rich understanding of post-production. Many of our students are successfully placed in the industry, from film to television companies.

Every film or tv program goes through three stages; pre-production, production, and post-production. Post Production is the most rewarding creative activity that can make a good film or television program look great and it would be your version that hits the screen. This is the final, and often most creative stage of the process.

Courses Offered:

The post production courses prepare an individual for editing most crucial part of any movie, tv program etc. These courses will make you master in converting the raw footage into cinematic masterpiece making an asset in the field of editing. PPI offers customized and advanced courses like Post Production Master Course, Post Production Premium Course, Visual Effects Master Course, Final Cut Studio Master, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Post Production Standard Course and much more. will acquaint students with all the desired skills required to work with digital editing software. 
Why Us:
  • Industry experienced mentors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects
  • Course Curriculum will include lectures for fundamental understanding of the subject and then lead on to practical work
  • Unlimited hours of lab sessions equipped with the latest application
  • Strict evaluation process consisting of class tests, presentations, blog writing, projects after completion of each software
  • Working on Live projects
  • Special workshops by guest faculty
  • Hostel facility and scholarship offers
  • Easy fee installments
  • Assistance in Student Portfolio Development
  • 100% Job Placement Support
Job Prospects:
  • An individual can work as a freelance editor or post-production artist. It can involve working with independent directors, becoming associated with film production companies or working for an agency or design consultancy.
  • One can be employed in animation companies, broadcast companies, film companies, independent production companies, post-production companies, video/computer games companies
The movie and television industry is extremely competitive and there is a constant demand for visual effects artists with in-depth knowledge of latest software and techniques. There is also demand for artists who own a strong grasp of story and how technology can enhance the viewing experience.

Post Production Courses help individuals excel in the field of post-production by getting hands on technical training combined with the experience of visual effects systems, program creation, and decision-making skills.

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