Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge are essential for Web Designer

If you are thinking about pursuing web design as a career or a hobby, you must be able to do more than simply design a pretty page. The most talented web designers are those which can adequately balance both their creative and artistic sides with technical coding.

As a web designer, there are plenty of different web design standards available. The two most important standards in the industry are HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 and CSS3 have become the most popular tools that help in building a well-defined website. Each of them have many advanced features of their own and they can be best used in combination with each other by professional web designers, to create refined web pages with semantic precision.

The latest version of HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is HTML5. It came out with a lot of enhancements over its previous versions, offering improved and advanced ways to meet the increasing demand of cross-device and cross-browser websites.
  • HTML5 is useful in developing interactive websites with high-quality graphics and animations.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) deals with styling of the web content written in the markup language.
  • It is used to write presentation semantics and determines how content should appear in a browser like the layout of the page, font colors and much more.
  • CSS helps in determining typographic features of a web page like font style, color, size, alignment, spacing, border and much more.
CSS3 is the latest version of CSS with lot of improved features like animation and transition properties, text-shadow property, box shadows and much more. It gives better formatting options for striking web pages which can be used by web designers and developers.
Advantages of using HTML5 and CSS3 in Web Design
  1. Improved Page Ranking
The foundation of an HTML5 and CSS3 website is semantically accurate which means the codes are standardized, readable and clear for search engine bots/robots, which makes the web pages attain a higher ranking in search engines when crawling and indexing is done.
  1. Easy Navigation and Attractive Websites
The best way to attract customers is through an attractive, well laid-out and easy to navigate website. It can be possible with CSS3.
  • With the help of HTML5 and CSS3 anybody build sophisticated websites to keep the users engaged which will lead to higher conversion rates.
  • HTML5 supports videos, giving easy and quick access to them on web browser. Audios and videos can be easily tagged and viewed with the help of HTML5 and CSS3.
    3. Cross-Platform & Cross-Browser Support
Both HTML5 and CSS3 support cross-platform and cross-browser. With the help of these standards any website can be functional across multiple devices and multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.
  • It will make the websites user-friendly for customers, giving them a good browsing experience and can be accessed on any device by reducing the overall maintenance and development costs.
  • CSS3 media queries are helpful in making any website responsive to fit to the right design according to the screen size.
Multi-platform support is beneficial and important to have in this age of smartphones. HTML5 & CSS3 websites fulfill this need, by attracting more site visitors through smartphones and tablets.

The combined use of HTML5 and CSS3 has been fruitful and will be profitable to every business by attracting more visitors. By using both these tools in web development one can provide an optimized user experience, and staying ahead of competitors.

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