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Promising WordPress and Drupal Courses to Learn in 2018

If you are a beginner and trying to set up your career in web development industry or just want to learn to create rich featured dynamic websites in just few weeks, then this blog is for you. Our institute is an amazing platform, where you learn about high level concepts of WordPress and Drupal from our experts. Both are the most popular CMS (Content Management System) of the world. 
CMSs are one of the fastest growing platforms to develop websites and applications in the world. These CMS are the simplified graphic interfaces of PHP. They offer tremendous features to web designers and PHP programmers. Most of the web developers use these for their clients to provide web developing services for good earning. One can set a successful career with the good knowledge CMS. The right way to learning these CMS, is to choose best training institute which imparts training according to IT industry 

Let Me Introduce You to WordPress and Drupal

WordPress is very easy to utilize and its simplicity is the reason which makes it most popular CMS in the world. It's an open source which is completely free to all, used by every web developer now a days. It has built to make everything from simple website, blogs to complex one even application can be build using WordPress. Without any good knowledge of programming languages one can create a huge websites, blogs and applications.

Features of Word Press
  • Simplicity
  • Publish with Ease
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Flexibility
  • Easy Installation
  • Publishing Tools
  • User Management
  • Freedom
  • Large Community
  • Own Your Data
  • Extend with Plugins

Drupal is best the platform where you can build amazing websites without any single line of code. It is a content management  framework which has been written in PHP. It is completely free and  open source. Everyone can use it. It's mega modules like views make it one of the popular and trust able CMS in the world.

Features of Drupal

  • A variety of e-commerce module and functionality
  • Easily create a website or blog in a small duration
  • Featuring the multi-language capability
  • Provide the thousands of plug-ins to make website more 
  • Various free and paid themes to be used
  • Search engines friendly
  • Mobile optimization
  • Easy to maintain and deploy on server etc.
  • Easy Authoring
  • Best Support For Accessibility

Promising WordPress and Drupal Courses  

Web Development Institute is imparting highly advanced training of WordPress and Drupal. Courses offered by our institute are well designed by experts who have 10+ years experience in IT industry. 

Offered courses are:

WordPress Standard Course
It is a short-term certificate course which is of 1 month. This course has specially planned for the non-programmers who have not any programming background. In this course you will learn the 
followings concepts.
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Creating Content Using Posts and Pages
  • Managing Themes
  • Working with Plug-ins
  • Exploring Widgets
  • Custom Content Types
  • Custom Fields
  • Making SEO Friendly
  • Uploading on Live Server

Drupal Standard Course
This is a short term course of 1 month duration. With this course students will be able to perform following acts during their classes.
  • Installing and Setting Up
  • Site Building
  • Administration- Configuration, Modules, and Reporting
  • Administration- Blocks, Menus, and Themes
  • Administration- Blocks, Menus, and Themes
  • CMS and User Management
  • Taxonomy
  • On Page SEO Implementation
  • Moving Your Website from Localhost to Server

Master Courses   

These are the advanced master courses for the programmers, which will be helpful for students and professionals who want to get an in-depth and advanced insight of these CMS. Here we will explorethe development of themes and extensions or plugins. So if you have good amount of knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL then you are a complete eligible person forour advanced WordPress and Drupal Courses.

WordPress Master
Duration of this course is 2 months. It is for programmers and web developers who have knowledge of programming languages and web development. This course will be covering cover below
 mentioned content in WordPress training.
  • Theme Development
  • The Loop
  • Creating Widget Area
  • Template
  • Plugin and Widget Development
Drupal Master
This is short term certificate course of 2 months which imparts highly advanced training in Drupal. These courses are specially for the professional web developers and programmers who want to make more dynamic, semantic, mobile friendly websites, blogs and application with real world features. Aren’t they amazing! Sounds good. Lets have a look at course content will be covering in your 

Drupal classes.
  • Internationalization
  • Exploring Themes (Concepts, Switching)
  • Contributed Modules
  • Custom Modules
  • Development Hooks
  • Advanced Installations
  • Pref light Checklist

Career Options 
· WordPress Developer
· WordPress Theme Developer
· WordPress Programmer
· Extension Developer
· Widget Developer
· Drupal Developer
· Advanced Drupal Expert
· Drupal Architect

I really hope that my efforts will be beneficial for you and this blog will help you to find out the best course. This is the right time for you if you want to make your career as Drupal and WordPress developer. You will get a platform for working as a professional in MNC (multi-national company) companies after completing the course from Web Development Institute.

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