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Top 10 Job Oriented Courses in Animation by a Certified Training Institute in Delhi

Today, TV channels bring awesome motion graphics video into our homes & video editing industry is bringing out fantastic films every week. The Indian animation industry is expected to grow with worth 2000 crores by 2021. At the same time, the market outside India is much bigger & Indian companies work on outsourced international projects as well and there are dozens of examples- spider man, avatar, toy story etc.

Since this industry requires thousands of skilled, trained people to work in studios, ad films, & VFX companies, video processing, & editing studios. To boom your career in this industry, check out here numerous advanced courses in animation, film-making, VFX, and multimedia so, that you get ready for the job in few months.

Animators of all experience levels could use a little extra push once in a while. Whether you’re looking for enhancing your current skills or simply enjoying an amusing cartoon, the world of moving art is evolving continuously, so it’s important to stay up-to-date in order to stay on your game. Rather than spending hours on the website to educate yourself on latest trends, keeping going with the rapid phase going in the industry.

Top 10 Job Oriented Courses in Animation

1. Animation Master Plus
Duration: 24 Months
This course is designed for individuals who are interested in inculcating skills in 2D and 3D computer animation, 3D film making, compositing, VFX, and in various processes like story boarding, sketching, modeling, character animation, special effects, compositing, lightning, and rendering.

2. Animator Master 
Duration: 24 Months
This course has designed according to the industry requirements. It is one of the best animation course which covers all the aspects of 2d and 3d animation. One can easily make their career after cracking this diploma course.

3. Animation Standard Course
Duration: 12 Months

It is focused on the curriculum that offers high end animation training in motion graphics, modelling, texturing, rendering, rigging etc. and provides well researched design content to meet the industry standard in order to sharpen creative skills.

4. 2D Animation Standard Course
Duration: 6 Months

It is a 6 months diploma course created for students who want to develop and skills through hand drawn 2D animation. With use of pencil, paper, clay etc. students are responsible for controlling and manipulating volume, weight, acting, freehand drawing, giving textures and tones on human body.

5. Visual Effects Master
Duration: 12 Months

It not only combines the artistic but also various aspects of integrating computer created imagery with live action footage in VFX, logo design, design motion, matte painting, graphics like sequences etc.

6. Autodesk Maya Advanced
Duration: 6 Months

One will learn how to produce high-quality content for Films, TV, Games, and Advertising industry through user inter face, design elements (color, typeface, shapes, space etc. character modeling, texturing, rigging and rendering.

7. Auto desk Maya Standard
Duration: 3 Months

It is a short-term program me in which you will have a strong understanding of techniques like lightning, texturing, shading, and mapping capability. At the end, you will be able to create a complete 3D space scene.

8. Autodesk Maya Premium
Duration: 3 Months

A short-term course offering by Post Production Institute will fulfill your needs to work like a animation pro. This is one of the best program which one can easily learn and finish within a short amount of time. 

9. Auto desk 3D Max Course
Duration: 3 Months

It is used by those who want to produce stunning 3D content and is used by those who are experienced in VRay, mapping, light ray, color diffusion, squash and stretch.

10. Cinema 4D
Duration: 24 Months

In this application, different modules are created for interior and exterior modelling, texturing, rendering, 3-point lightening, and compositing, exploring cinema 4D interface, mogarphs etc.

So, quickly come and choose the best animation institute in Delhi, which provide a highly focused course framework that specializes in beautiful framework and image editing using different graphics techniques.

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