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Job Oriented Web Development Language to learn from a Training Institute

Do you want to learn job oriented programming languages and requires a thirst for knowledge, strong working hours for staying alert and focus on what’s happening around to communicate the same to the mass in a lucid manner. With the popularity and advancement in web technology, it is essential for every business to have a website which is highly functional and visually attractive.

The process through which a rich featured website and mobile application are developed is known as web development. It includes the back-end part. There are many training institutes in Delhi which provide training of advanced programming languages.

Best 5 Web Development Languages to learn

If you are a developer who is interested in learning the most useful and popular ones, then you must first know the languages one can learn from any web development training institute .

Let's have a look at top 5 development and programming languages which one can learn.

1.Java : 

It is one of the most popular and secure language used for creating  websites and desktop applications. Java is popular because of it's feature platform independence. An another reason for popularity of java is that it is used in developing mobile applications.

2.PHP : 

PHP  is also popular language used for creating websites. PHP is simple to learn and many content management System (CMS) is based on PHP like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc. Another reason of popularity is it's a simple language which can use with HTML.


It is a well structured language and cover the basics of C and includes various syntax, variable, operators, loop types, pointers, references and information about other requirements of a C++ program.  Since the language makes use of both low-level features as well as high-level features, it is considered as a middle-level language.

• Biggest advantage of C++ is its scalability.
• Since the language requires maintenance, it is very static
• In terms of maintenance, C++ is tough
• High demand for C++ but only after Python and JAVA programmers


It is a highly used and all-purpose language. Being dynamic in nature means that you as a developer can write and run the code without  need of a compiler. The design of the language is such that it supports code readability which means that its syntax is such that only few lines of codes are needed to express a concept. This concept of code readability is also possible in case of Java and C++ etc. This is a high-level or advanced language that is considered easy for beginners for understanding and learning.


It is a language which will be most popular in 2018. Swift will be used to make applications for Apple. Day-By-Day users of Apple are increasing so scope of Swift language is also wider. Swift is easy and simple and faster than objective C .Swift is a improved version of C and objective C.

So, these are the top programming languages, and it is clear that Java is the most popular followed closely by PHP, Python, and others.

If you want to become web master, then you need to learn how to use different programming languages to develop the back-end of the websites and applications which will run in the web browsers of varied type of devices.

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