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Top 10 Essentials Topics to be Covered by Photo Editing Institutes in Adobe Photoshop training

Want to learn Photoshop to enhance you photo editing skills! I think you can increase your knowledge, creativity in this software by exploring more and more about various aspects related to this software by knowing more about different Photoshop features.

This blog I’ll tell about the top 10 essential topics which an ideal Photo Editing Institute should cover in Adobe Photoshop training.

Photoshop is a great photo/image editing software in the world and it offers great possibilities in modifying the images.

Ten most essential techniques one can learn in Photoshop for Photo Editing are:-

1)Compositing – A technique in which multiple images are joined to make a single scene. Through this technique, we can create matte paintings which are often used in films.

2) Making Selections – Selections can be made with a number of tools (lasso, ellipse, pen etc.). Selections are used to cut a part of an image, apply effects to a certain part of the image, for smoothing/feathering or refining edges etc. and are often used when changing background.

3) Image Retouching – Altering the image with an object to enhance its quality is called as image retouching.

Skin retouching - It is used to soften the skin, remove blemishes/freckles/moles etc. and give it a clear and glowing look.
Color Balancing - Altering the tone or lighting of the image.

4) Image Manipulation is done by transforming the image by using various tools and effects to achieve a desired result. Converting a day scene into night is one of the best examples of image manipulation.
This is often used to give dramatic effect to the photo.

5) Brush and Brush Effects – Photoshop has a large number of pre-loaded brushes that and there are infinite number of brushes that can be downloaded.

Custom brushes can also be made in Photoshop and saved. Brushes can be used to apply colored strokes, with layer masks to hide or reveal the layer below, give effects to an image like dispersion, brush portrait etc. They are extensively used in retouching, digital painting, matte painting etc.

6) Using layer styles – Layer styles can be used to apply effects to layers or groups of layers. Effects such as shadows, glows, and bevel change the appearance of a layer’s contents. They are commonly used to create custom texts.

7) Creating effects with filters – Filters are efficient in giving photo different looks. They can be used to make images cartoon like, for skin retouching, blurring or sharpening etc.

8) Digital Painting –  In this technique, an image(mostly sketches) are given a painting type look by using traditional painting mediums such as acrylic paint, oils, ink, watercolor, etc.

9) Masking – Masking can be used for various purposes.

Vector masks –  These are created from paths and can be used to mask or hide part of a layer.
Vector masks are created with the Pen and Shape tools.

Layer Masks - A mask can be added to a layer to hide portions of the layer and reveal the layers below. Masking layers is a valuable compositing technique for combining multiple photos into a single image or for removing a person or object from a photo.

10) Morphing – It is a technique in which an image is made to change its shape or appearance. It is commonly used to change one person’s face into that of another person.

After going through this above blog, one can know the essential topics of Adobe Photoshop classes that a good training institute should cover. Excellent Photoshop training is the first requirement to become an expert in Image or Photo editing.

The career opportunities after completing this Adobe Photoshop Course from one of the best training institute will widen your career opportunities. You will become an expert in Photo Editing.

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