Wednesday, February 14, 2018

TOP 10 Reasons of PHP Popularity

PHP is one of the most popular language in the world which is used for web development. It is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It an easy and fast server side scripting language. Many CMS(Content management System) are there which are PHP based. Its files can contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. One can learn advanced PHP course in Delhi to become a full stack web developer. Let's have a look on the reasons of its popularity.

Top 10 Reasons of PHP Popularity

1. Simple and Easy
It is very simple and easy to develop websites, management applications, dynamic video and image galleries etc. It's programming is just like writing an article in English and you can write its codding on notepad too. It is very easy to learn because no much rules are there like Java. For instance there is no rule in PHP to declare the variable whereas Java have a set of rules for that.

2. Free of Cost
It is an open source programming language which is free of cost. It has a huge community which assist every beginner or developer who is exploring this vast language. It provides built in software like apache server and MySQL database.

3. Platform Diversity
It can run on many platforms or operating systems like Unix, Linux, MAC OS and Windows.There are many tools and editors which support this language and some of them are Netbeans, XAMPP, WAMP, Dreamweaver , Notepad etc.

5. Flexible
This is  a flexible language that's why we can update the websites without rebooting the server. You can update your website without reboot. That's why the most popular Facebook which is a social media website uses PHP.

6. CMS 
There are many CMS(Content Management System) which are PHP based and very popular and that are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe, Cake PHP, Modx, Concrete5, PHP Fusion, CMS Made Simple, PHPWiki etc. Because of many CMS , its websites are fully customizable.

7. Embed Capability
It have the capability that we can mix it with HTML(the simplest language) whereas other languages like Python can't mixed up with HTML.We can also use Javascript and CSS in PHP file. It can involve Ajax too by follow some steps.

8. Security
It has many layers of security which can escape the website from threats and malicious attack.That's the reason why e-commerce sites are developed on its frameworks.

9. Speed
It can run more faster than other programming languages as it does not use the system's resources. Hosting of it is easier and faster in comparision of other languages.

10. Easy Integration
It can be easily integrate with other systems like MongoDB, Memcache and Pusher. There are many websites, applications and CMS which  are PHP based like Facebook, WordPress, Drupal etc. It also supports many databases like MySQL, Oracle, Informix , PostGreSQL etc.

I'm sure now you understood the reasons of popularity of this programming language. If you are a web designer or a programmer who is looking for a successful career then knowledge of this language can would be beneficial for you. You can go for PHP training to enhance your skills and career. 

To become a pro of this language you can join any training institute in Delhi. As per my knowledge you can go for ADMEC Multimedia Institute an ideal PHP training institute which offers advanced PHP courses training in Delhi. 

You can make a bright career and become a full stack developer after completing your training from ADMEC.

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