Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Top Motion Graphics Applications that Every Post Production Professional Must Know

hen an individual is set to embark on a journey to make a career in motion graphics designing, there will be many programs that he or she will have to choose from.  Here are some of the most important motion graphics software every designer should become acquainted with. One needs to be acquainted with this list of motion graphics software, to make a career in the fast-growing business of motion graphics.

Top Motion Graphics Software You Must Know

Have you look at the below-given applications which are renowned and ideal in the arena of motion graphics and composting and which are mainly preferred by Post Production professionals.

After Effects

If we talk about the After Effects then it is one of the popular motion graphics applications which is mainly used by professionals in the industry. It is possible to bring in 2D designs created in a program like Illustrator and animate them to create a motion graphics piece. In After Effects, we can not only work with 2D designs but 3D designs as well.  After Effects is capable of using Objects and scenes from most of the 3D applications as footage. There are many plugins that are built in and thirty party plugins to use with things like particles, blurs etc. By learning After Effects Courses from any best training center, you can attain in-depth essential comprehension.


Cinema 4D is an animation, modeling and rendering software developed by Maxon company. An important feature of Cinema 4D is the Cineware feature that is merged into After Effects. A cineware feature of Cinema 4D enables users to import Cinema 4D elements like assets and scenes into AE just by a drag and drop. In this case, the changes made to the Cinema 4D scene affects the scene imported to After effects and the results become observable in After Effects immediately. CINEWARE also makes the CINEMA 4D render engine accessible directly in After Effects. Thus, CINEMA 4D is a software that can help an individual to become a versatile motion designer who meets the needs of any 2D or 3D projects. The Best way to becoming the master of this application is by joining any Cinema 4D course from an ideal institution.


Next in the queue is Nuke which is another amazing application used by professional for motion graphics. It is a major motion graphic design software used in post-production for many motion television and motion pictures. This powerful software enables users to use a system of node when compositions are set up. Nuke is also a motion graphic design software primarily used in Studio houses. 


Maya is a 3D motion design software used in the development of 3D elements for high graphic video games, films and television. For many years, Maya was the dominant motion graphic designer. But of late, its prominence is taken over by Cinema 4D which is leading in the industry. Maya is well known for its ability to render lengthy 3D footage and renders and animation effects and transitions. 


These are some of the top motion graphic software available in the industry. We have more such amazing applications waiting in the queue. It seems that there are new such motion graphics software produced every month. 

So, now we have arrived at the end of this blog. We have seen some best and popular motion graphics software that you really need to know to become a Post Production Master. 

Author Section: This blog is written by Roshan K.L who is pursuing Multimedia Master Plus course from ADMEC Multimedia Institute . 

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