Friday, March 11, 2016

Importance of Brush Tool in PhotoShop

Brushes have various uses in Photoshop.

Some of which are as follows:
  • To create different types of patterns,
  • To create backgrounds for wallpapers,
  • To create wall textures in interior,
  • For making different symbols/shapes,
  • In the process of masking,
  • For making matte paintings,
  • In the process of retouching,
  • In creating various effects,
  • In making prints for gift wraps ,blankets ,curtains etc.
In the process of masking / matte painting, after creating a layer mask on the image, we use brush tool to erase the extra part of the image according to our need. Even for bringing back the deleted part, brush tool is used. We have to adjust the opacity and flow according to our usage.

Brushes are also used for creating retouching images. For example: if we have to create some horror effect on any random image, we will first open the image then select ‘edit in quick mask mode’, then first search the required effect in the default brushes in photoshop but if we could not find the required brush there, we can download the brush from the internet and then load it in our photoshop document and use. After applying the brush on the desired part of the image, we will change its blending mode so that it looks realistic!

Brushes are also used widely for creating the backgrounds for banners, wallpapers, posters etc.
  • For downloading new brushes from internet¸ search for “download brushes for psd/photoshop” , then open the links which appear on the screen and select the desired set of brushes and press the download button. After the download gets complete, click on it and then unzip and install it.

  • And for loading the downloaded set of brushes in photoshop document, click on brush icon. Then from the menu bar click on Brush Preset picker and click on the small icon which appears on its top right (settings). Then select Load Brushes and open the destination where we installed our downloaded set of brushes and then click on that brush set. The new brushes will now appear in the default brushes.
  • We can also make any shape or pattern and then save it as a brush for future usage.

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