Thursday, March 31, 2016

Use of Animation in Advertising Industry

Animation is now a days become essential part in electronic and print media. Every day thousands of animated scenes we see in news channel movies, cartoons and advertising. Advertising aims to attract customer to a specific product or service. Its aim is to increase sells to gain profit. Off course without animation not even a single advertisements are made which gives a good presentation to advertisement and is a way to show different elements of a particular product with animation. Earlier when there is no animation every thing is done manually,only moving camera is included in whole advertisement.

By the help of animation the company will easily show or explain the product and get to the point quickly. This makes the Advertisement interactive,interesting and unique. If we apply more animation, then customer will remember it for a long time and then buy the product and thus lead is generated. So somewhere animation is greatly responsible to lead generation of a product

In today's advertising media company spends thousand of rupees in promoting their business. Just showing a simple informational video expecting that customer attracts towards the product and make a lead is not enough, it doesn't make any sense. This strategy was used in early advertising campaign but that time people was not so aware of any product. Today people already know about the product through internet or any other  print media.So they need to do some attractive and something which is worth to promote which comes through creativity.

Over 40% of the advertisements uses animation for brand promotion. For example Vodafone is promoting their advertisements using animated characters commonly known as zoo. Sometimes it is not affordable for a company to hire a celebrity,so that's why animation is worth to apply which is cheaper and smarter way of presentation. The another company that used animated character is soft drink brand 7up.If u remember that character then instantly you get in mind that character. Clearly we come at the point that these characters have a high recall value. ICICI prudential, TataSky are few of the companies that promoted their product successfully through this technique.

The cost of making such advertisement will be as much as of normal commercial and will give more creativity and flexibility. It provides an feeling like out of the box and have a lifetime value.

Reasons why to choose animation in Advertising Industry : -
  1. Quick Visualization : Advertisement that includes animation quickly set up in our mind for a long time. Using celebrities sometimes fail to make a space in our-self because their value may go up and down,there is always a risk of negative reputation over night time to time but virtual characters have a high visualization value.
  2. Time Resistant : Celebrities have limited time. They grow old over time to time that will not fulfill our requirement. Such problem does not persist with the animated characters.
  3. Uniqueness : Virtual characters are unique and copyrighted unlike other famous celebrities which may have chances to endorse other brands. Uniqueness is must in brand endorsement
  4. Combination with real models : Animated characters are flexible. We can even combine them with the real characters to create a cool commercial.
  5. Target fine details : We can target audience B2B by pointing out all details in no time that allows us to win over the competitors
So animation is becoming the heart of advertisement industry now a days. If our message are clear and objectives are well defined,will guarantee that our animation will hit in right position rather than becoming a flop.

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