Monday, March 7, 2016

Object Oriented Programming in ActionScript 3.0 is Rescue to a Large Application

The Approach : Object oriented programming in Actionscript 3.0 is modular as it provides separation of duties in object based program development environment. It is also extensible as objects can be extended to include new attributes and behaviors. Objects can also be reused across applications. Because of three main factors of modularity, extensibility, and re-usability, object oriented programming provides improved software development productivity in software architecture.

As OOP is a well adopted programming style that uses interacting objects to model and solve complex programming tasks. ActionScript 3.0 provides an easier approach to follow and building an application becomes easier with very less efforts as compared to any other language as C++ language or java language considered for the developing the same. Object Oriented programming gives importance to data rather than algorithm.

It follows Bottom-up structures. Everything is viewed as an object. It includes features like data hiding, polymorphism and encapsulation and message passing where as Procedure oriented programming gives importance to algorithm rather than data which is quite similar in case of ActionScript 3.0 which follows principles of Object Oriented Programming approach mentioned above and are briefly in later section of this article on OOPs followed by ActionScript 3.0.

As mentioned earlier, Object Oriented Programming mainly concentrates on data of the program. OOP is a "Bottom Up " style approach, because it starts execution from bottom to top, which is heavily maintained in ActionScript 3.0. It is fully capable of creating an application with its unique but very much familiar environment for programmers working on other Oops based applications or languages. As ActionScript 3.0 relies closely on most of Object Oriented Principles we deal with-in Object Oriented Programming.

Object Oriented Programming supports classes, objects and follows encapsulation meaning wrapping the data in single unit. Oops in Actionscript 3.0 supports classes, objects and follows encapsulation the same way in terms of hiding the data and the whole Object Oriented paradigm is maintained with-in it.

Object Oriented Programming emphasises on inheritance as to acquire the properties of parent class which is done in a similar and most appropriate m

anner in ActionScript 3.0. As per Object Oriented programming, inheritance is when an object or class is based on another object (prototypal inheritance) or class (class-based inheritance), using the same implementation (inheriting from an object or class) specifying implementation to maintain the same behavior (realizing an interface; inheriting behavior). It is a mechanism for code reuse public classes and interfaces.

Conclusion : Object Oriented Programmings promotes polymorphism where in same function can be used with different signatures. ActionScript 3.0 maintains the same for method calling and reusing. With such procedures and implementation provided by ActionScript 3.0, it is certainly a rescue to a large application.

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